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Self-Defense with a Soul

KIDS TESTS 6.11.2023

Kids (Ages 6-9)

Our fun and exciting classes emphasize physical fitness and health, coupled with a calm, controlled attitude. A great deal of the class is working with partners, teaching the children how to trust and help each other.

Our students learn to react to difficult situations by controlling and redirecting an attack to a safe conclusion without having to resort to violence.

Because Aikido is based on skill rather than strength, size and athletic ability are not important. Any child can enjoy the training and become good at the art.


  • Working with others
  • Better self-control
  • Co-ordination and physical grace
  • Kindness and respect for others
  • Sharper focus
  • Stronger attention
  • Pride in accomplishing goals
  • Non-violent solutions to difficult situations

Teens (Ages 10-15)

Aikido is a wonderful art for teens. The classes are similar to adult classes, providing them with real-world skills in self-defense, and giving them confidence and safety at a pivotal point in their lives.

The training develops a healthy, active body and a calmer reflective mind. There are no competitions in aikido, allowing everyone to progress at their own rate. The classes are challenging and fun, and our students become very adept in self-defense! 


  • Maturity in attitude
  • Confidence in skills
  • Agility and balance
  • Self-confidence with peers and adults
  • Better performance in school
  • Set goals and accomplish them
  • Respect for others
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Adults (Ages 16 and over)

Aikido is a rich and deep discipline, yet it can be learned and practiced by people of all sizes, ages, and physical abilities. Sincere and committed training will result in effective self-defense skills, confidence, and healthy fitness. As one progresses in this art, a new mind-body connection develops within you, giving you a new centeredness in your life.


  • Real-world self-defense
  • A new sense of responsibility for your life
  • Physical balance and agility
  • Pro-active attitude
  • Success-oriented mind-set
  • Control of reactions
  • More present in your life


J.Kim, Parent

"Thank you for all that you do especially for making and building and nurturing a second home for all the children who come and leave stronger, wiser, and happier."

Sandra, Student

"Training at the dojo has molded me on so many levels and in so many ways - I am a better and more successful person. Sensei is devoted to teaching and has no agenda except to pass his knowledge on to us in a loving fun way with lots of support and motivation."

Claudia Z., Parent

My son has been attending Aikido classes for almost 10 years and this is the "one thing" my child has pursued with consistency. The great environment, the instructors, the learning experiences the fun, and, of course, Sensei Jerry Z. have been the core reasons for his achievement. Thanks Aikido North Jersey! A happy parent!"

Nelson Z., Student

"Aikido is an amazing art. Unlike many other martial arts, it is practiced on and off the mat. I began practicing Aikido at 19 and throughout the years I have noticed how it has molded me into the person I am today."

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