Our Aiki Kids Program is for 4 and 5 year-olds. Our Aiki Pandas Program is for 3 year-olds.

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Your child will learn more than a martial art. Our training will keep your children physically fit as well as encourage the benefits of good behavior, teamwork, and being their best at home, at school and in social situations.

Our Aiki Pandas Program (3 year-olds) and our Aiki Kids Program (4 and 5 year-olds) will improve your children’s motor skills, develop their focus, increase their confidence and give them a positive outlook – all while having a lot of fun!

Classes are comprised of body exercises to promote healthy movement, learning games to help with memory, group activities to acclimate the child to teamwork and working with others, and fun games that incorporate the basics of aikido as a martial art.

Throughout the fast-paced and entertaining classes they learn how to use their minds and bodies in new and healthy ways, leading them to achieve their best and to become strong, kind children.

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  • Focus for tasks
  • Listening skills
  • Physical co-ordination and balance
  • Increased awareness of others
  • Respect for teachers and peers
  • Patience in a group setting
  • Fun!

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“I was able to attend my son’s class for the first time today. It was wonderful to see how he listens to Ms. Lee. Since he’s been going to class, he has gained a lot of confidence in himself and what his body is capable of doing. He has so much fun, yet he learns a great deal.”
Rose H.

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