Aikido practice develops mature and focused teens


Real-world skills
in self-defense

Aikido is a wonderful training experience for teenagers. It provides them with real-world skills in self-defense, giving them confidence and safety in our more and more dangerous world and it trains their bodies to become healthy, agile and balanced, giving them the freedom to be active and engaged in all types of physical activities.

The mental and emotional benefits of aikido are even more impressive for this age group. Our teens train with their peers and, with increasing experience, in selected adult classes. The training environment is encouraging, sincere, challenging and friendly. There are no contests or competitions in Aikido – the art is based on the improvement of oneself rather than the defeat of another. Aikido practice develops mature and focused teens who are confident out in the world and gracious and open in their relationships with other people of all ages. The teen Aikido student is respectful of adults, yet not afraid of them, and helpful and friendly to younger kids without being pushy or dismissive.

At such a confusing and fast-developing time of life, a teenager needs a solid and dependable resource where he or she is treated as a valuable person, is given peace of mind through real life-saving skills, and is allowed to develop and grow to his or her full potential with other like-minded students.



  • Maturity in attitude
  • Confidence in skills
  • Agility and balance
  • Self-confidence with your peers
  • Better judgement at home and school
  • Experience with setting and reaching goals
  • Respect for others

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Aikido of North Jersey is an excellent family-friendly Dojo with great instruction for kids and teens. As an Aikido parent, I’ve been impressed by the genuine care that the teachers have for each student. The kids get a good workout in a traditional martial arts environment and it’s in a fun and positive way”

Mal M.

“My son has been attending aikido classes for almost 10 years and this is the “one thing” my child has pursued with consistency. The great environment, the instructors, the learning experiences, the fun and, of course, Sensei Jerry Z. have been the core reasons for his achievement. Thanks Aikido of North Jersey! :) A happy parent”

Claudia Z.

“Aikido is great … you don’t need to be big or to have a lot of strength to defend yourself.”

Samantha, 17

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