“For the secret that the warrior seeks; you must know that the basic principle lies in the study of the spirit.” Morihei Ueshiba

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Our Sensei

Jerry Zimmerman is the Head Instructor and owner of Aikido North Jersey. Jerry has over 32 years of training and teaching experience and his rank is Rokudan, Sixth Degree Black Belt. He is a Shidoin, Senior Instructor and Examiner, certified by the International Aikido Federation and the United States Aikido Federation.

Jerry founded Aikido North Jersey in 1997 and he is a full-time professional aikido teacher. Besides his teaching duties at our dojo, he is in charge of all our programs and oversees the teaching staff. He also teaches regularly at the world-renown New York Aikikai in New York City.

Beginning his aikido training with Yoshimitsu Yamada Shihan, Eighth Degree Black Belt, Head of New York Aikikai, and one of the world’s leading master instructors, Jerry continues to study with him and other outstanding teachers from around the world.

“Aikido gives you the opportunity to be the hero of your own life!

While we train to become physically graceful and powerful, it becomes apparent that we are simultaneously learning at a deeper level to become responsible, connected, intentional and aware.

This is what I am looking for in all that I do and I have found a path to follow that is aikido. There is no philosophy course you have to take, no lectures to go to, no required books to read – this is hands-on physical training that continually develops the powerful connection between your body, your mind and your whole being. You only need to come to the dojo and train. Period.”

“It is my constant joy to teach, to train and, especially, to continually learn with all the students in our dojo.”

Jerry Zimmerman
Sensei, Aikido North Jersey

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