Children ages 6 – 10 are accepted into this program.  They may join at any time – new students are given particular attention and everyone trains at their own level.

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Physical balance
timing and control

The training emphasizes physical balance and timing, coupled with a calm and controlled attitude.
The great difference in Aikido from other martial arts is that it is strictly defensive; therefore, your child can learn how to be effective and safe in hostile situations without having to resort to violence as a reaction.

Children mimic what they learn.  If you teach your child how to punch and kick, he or she will want to punch and kick.  If you teach your child how to be more relaxed and confident in a difficult encounter, fear and animosity become less important  and less automatic in the moment.
Clear thinking and instinctive, precise action replace violence as a response.  This is the kind of training on the mat that becomes a wonderful lesson for dealing with all of life’s problems that your child will face as he or she grows up.

The children train in a lively, healthy and relaxed atmosphere that they enjoy, yet the purpose and the skills are always serious and real.  The students work with the instructor and with each other. A great deal of the class training is with partners and the children learn how to trust each other and how to help each other.

Learning to take “ukemi” (how to fall and roll safely) is strongly emphasized; this skill not only makes training safe, but is also one of the most valuable physical abilities that a child or adult can have to keep themselves healthy, accidental falls being one of the leading causes of injury during one’s life.

Aikido is helpful in the development of a child in many ways. It is an excellent self-defense system and also helps a child develop physical grace, a focused mind, and a healthy, vibrant spirit.
Since Aikido is based on unbalancing one’s opponent while staying firmly balanced oneself, physical size and strength and athletic ability are not important – children of all sizes and types can enjoy the training and become good at it.

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  • Working with others
  • Better self-control
  • Co-ordination and physical grace
  • Kindness towards others
  • Developed focus and attentiveness
  • Respect for others
  • Satisfaction in your accomplishments

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Our son Dylan has been with the dojo since the age of 5. Now a senior member of the Kids Program, Dylan has not only learned the art of Aikido but appreciates the discipline and beauty of it and thoroughly enjoys attending classes. The camaraderie of the dojo family is something not frequently seen. We look forward to seeing our son transition from the kids program to the teen and eventually, adult program”

Victoria M.

“Azi loves going to Akido. He brings all the benefits of the dojo into his life.
It is a pleasure to see and we are so proud of him. Thank you Jerry! ”

Joe N.

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