AIkido North Jersey has a complete and all-encompassing training program for adults.

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We offer classes every day of the week, with classes in basic techniques, advanced training, ukemi (falling and rolling), randori (multiple attacks), weapons (bokken, jo, and tanto), special black belt classes, and several seminars during the year with visiting high-ranking teachers.

All adult classes, except those designated for advanced and black belt, are open to all students. Having students of different skill levels working out together elevates everyone’s training – the atmosphere is focused and energetic and immensely engaging.

Once you are a student at our dojo, you are part of a rare community of friendly, motivated people, people who are working hard at improving themselves and their lives. The Aikido community is worldwide – you will be welcomed by dojos all over the world, just as we are always delighted to have visitors stop in to train with us.

The art of Aikido is a rich and deep discipline, yet it can be learned and practiced by people of all sizes, ages, and physical or athletic abilities. True mastery is a life-long search, but consistent training brings levels of self-defense skill, confidence, fitness and centeredness in life that always amaze every Aikido student

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  • Real-world self-defense
  • Responsibility for your life
  • Balance and agility
  • Mental focus on the mat and off
  • Pro-active attitude
  • Success-oriented mind-set
  • Control of reactions
  • Healthy training

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“Training at the dojo has molded me on so many levels and in so many ways – I am a better and more successful person. Sensei is devoted to teaching and has no agenda except passing his knowledge on to us in a loving, fun way with lots of support and motivation.  You know that he loves what he does, it’s written all over his smile”

Sandra M.

“I have been a student of several martial arts and I have trained over 25 years in various disciplines.  A couple of years ago, I decided to check out aikido in a dojo near my home. I was welcomed to join and, needless to say, I did and I had a completely new experience in how we were taught in this dojo and in the smoothness of the art itself.

Where I was used to hardness in strikes and kicks, I found softness and strength in body movement and proper breathe control. Each senior student I met, instructors included, were more than helpful in their exhibition and application of technique. Always mindful of how devastating the locks, pins and holds can be, everyone takes the time to make sure their partners learn to be safe by relaxing and becoming part of the technique.  This, combined with the absence of competition, has made learning so much easier and enjoyable for this 60 year-old man!

I have found a family in Aikido North Jersey, and I plan to stay, study and learn for a long time to come”

Simeon C.

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